Our 'Roo'

Kangaroo Island and Co.

Our 'Roo'

Bringing an iconic Kangaroo back to life

We love our Kangaroo Island ‘Kangaroo’ design so much we have protected it as a registered trademark!

The inspiration for our Kangaroo Island and Co. name and logo was born from the iconic Kangaroo Island fire-bricks created by The Hog Bay Brickworks, operated by the Kangaroo Island China, Stone & Clay Co. in Penneshaw 1907-1910.

Kangaroo Island Brick

Sadly production of the Kangaroo Island fire-bricks ceased when heavy winter rains flooded the mine, so we’re bringing the character of this Kangaroo Island icon back to life! You’ll find our beloved Kangaroo on our t-shirts, bags, magnets, earrings and more.

The Hog Bay Brickworks were located near where the Penneshaw Penguin Centre stands today. The story goes that when the mine ceased operation many of the bricks were simply pushed into the ground and covered in what now seems like a buried treasure!

The mine was about 16 kilometers southeast of Penneshaw and whilst much of the material was suitable for the finest varieties of China, the discoloured china clay was used in the manufacture of the charming KI fire-bricks and a variety of other fire resistant implements.

Even though the mine only operated for a relatively short time, it certainly left its mark on the island. The Kangaroo Island fire-bricks are much sought after with people sentimentally incorporating a brick or two into their home, garden path or patio.

For those interested in more history of the mine, the original crushing mill of two stones, each weighing between 3 and 4 tonnes, is on display in the front yard of the Penneshaw Maritime and Folk museum. The museum also has a collection of photographs of the mine and its surrounds.